11th Annual Where-In Day


Fellow Teachers of Geography,

The students of Redding Intermediate School invite you to join in the 11th Annual International Where-In. In choosing the clothing we wear we make a statement about ourself. Commemorate Geography Awareness Week and raise awareness of the students' world community connections. How? Ask the students and staff of your building to wear a "GEOGRAPHY" T-shirt or sweat shirt. A geography T-shirt or sweat shirt is one that has either a map or a place name on it. If the place name can be found on a map, any map, it counts.

Count the number of student and adult participants. Email us and let us know:

Your name:
Your school name:
Your school address:

Total number of participants:

More than 78,000 students and adults wore their geography to school in the 1998 Where-In. Have a fun activity and help us reach our goal of 80,000 "geographers" celebrating Geography Awareness Week!

Please reply to the Delaware Geographic Alliance: mataylor@udel.edu

Happy geography,
Mary Alice Aguilar SGI '89
Redding Intermediate School
New Street
Middletown, DE 19709

This is a product of the Florida Geographic Alliance and is part of the National Geographic Society's Geography Awareness Week.
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