1. Book sessions at your state Alliance conference and also your state social studies conference. try to book time at nay other educational conference held in your area or state. Set up workshops at your school, within the district, and other sites in your area.
  2. Work with the local newspaper on publishing a geo-education supplement. NIE contacts might help you here. Depending on you local paper, it might be helpful to have some materials camera-ready for them. Small town newspapers for example, may not have the resources to produce extensive graphics.
  3. Take students on field walk around school then play Stop, Drop, and Map where students map the immediate area.
  4. Poster Contests; local and state level. Decide levels (example: Grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, or 9-12.) Provide clear guidelines as to size of posterboard, materials to be used, theme and dates of GAW need to be on front, student info on back, etc. Provide a guideline for judging---- get outside, independent judges with a set of criteria. Arrange for nice prizes at top level. Display non-winners in stores, at the administration building, highway rest stops, and other places where they might be seen during GAW. You also might use more specific themes for the poster contest as Foods or Places of the Heart.
  5. Wear-In Wednesday. On the Wednesday of GAW, have everyone in your school wear T-shirts, depicting various places in the world. have students find their place on a world map. Students might want to use Tripquest (www.tripquest.com) to figure how many miles from home their T-shirt is. Give prizes for the T-shirt from the farthest place. You might also have students choose their T-shirt ahead of time and prepare clues about the place their T-shirt represents. The students could then trade clues. Offer prizes for winners. If you school has a uniform policy or doesn't allow T-shirts for some reason, you might have the students BRING their T-shirts then just proceed with the activities from that point.
  6. radio Show Questions: Contact your local radio stations EARLY about running a GeoTrivia contest duirng GAW. Provide the stations woth copies of possible questions and answers. Try to arrange for a spot on a local talk show to discuss GAW during that week. perjaps an interview with your city poster winner could be arranged.
  7. Try to arrange with a local bookstore to do displays or story-times or other activities particular with GAW. Borders Bookstore and Barnes & Nobles have bee very willing partners in the past.
  8. Invite a local politician or local celebrity to teach a geography lesson in your classroom. This should generate a great deal of free publicity.
  9. Hold daily geo-contest in your school with questions going out over PA system. Petition local businesses for inexpensive prizes to give out.
  10. Have a postcard contest where students use blank index cards they have decorated with a landmark from their area. Cards should be sent to GAW Coordinators. Devise a rubric for judging. It is always best to have judges who are disassociated with your school.
  11. To obtain mayoral proclamations, contact your City or County Manager and they will direct you to the right department.
  12. Keep a photo album showing pictures of all your GAW activities.
  13. USE YOUR LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST. He or she can be your best friend for GAW. Ask the LMS to make displays of geography-related books.
  14. Target your public library in the same way as your school librarian.
  15. Video explorer of the day. Video teachers pretending to go exploring. Teacher will present clues as to what place he/she is exploring. Students use maps to research and try to discover what place is being explored.
  16. Puzzle name tags might be made for students to wear during GAW. Then make a great big puzzle of student, teachers, and administrators' names. Another idea is to make a puzzle packs of local maps so that classes can put their piece of the puzzle together with others from their school to make one big puzzle per school. Information on the maps might be population or other information.
  17. Postcard collection: have students bring in postcards they have received. Have students find the location of the postcard on a world map.
  18. Ask your local mall to display GAW posters or other GAW material you devise.
  19. Try to arrange GAW realted events with: *grocery stores * utility companies- ask them to insert print the GAW theme and enclose it with the bill. * Meals On Wheels or Meals for the Elderly-have students decorate brown or white lunch bags with the GAW theme then deliver bags to meals programs for use with the lunches.
  20. Contact your local travel agencies to see if they will provide any additional help with GAW. They might be able to run GAW promos in their own advertising.
  21. If you have a military base in your town, contact the education division and find out if they have a list of guest speakers who would be willing to make classroom visits.
  22. Conduct a "Make Cents for Geography" campaign. Provide gallon milk jugs for every classroom and have students bring pennies. provide ice cream for the class that raises the most money. Use the money to purchase a tree or other natural item for your school. Depending upon the amount of money raised, you might be able to purchase some geographic educational items or make a donation in your school's name to an environmental organization.
  23. Conduct a bumper sticker contest. Students should come up with a catchy slogan or phrase about GAW that would fit on a bumper sticker.
  24. Contact your local television station and ask that they feature GAW posters on their nightly newscasts. Many stations feature children's artwork as background during newscasts.


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