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IWB for the Teacher doc

My European Vacation (Student Photo Essay) Clare Molina is a 6th Grade student at RAA Middle School in Tallahassee Florida

Observe the water and acid rain cycle


Europe Regions Game

Maps for the Classroom

Word Search Puzzle: Countries in Europe download or play here


Making Digital Connections through Geography Action!
Use the power of the Internet to make local and global connections.

Join the Geography Action! Ning at http://ga2009.ning.com/

·        Collaborate with teachers and classes around our state, the nation, and even the world.
·        Access resources like lesson plans, video, images, and more.
·        Create learning groups to meet your own needs.
·        Help your students create content and share their ideas through blogging, digital storytelling, and other Web 2.0 applications.

Getting started is easy:

1.       Point your browser to http://ga2009.ning.com/
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4.       Build your profile and start sharing!!

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