Water Saver Club

Teacher Activities:

·       Florida's Freshwaterpdf

·       Water Calculator

·       Observe the water and acid rain cycle

·       Water Pledge

·       Printable Water Saver Certificates- To type in a student's name, go to Tools>Typewriter.


·       Printable Coloring Bookpdf

·       Coloring Book Lesson Planpdf

·       Make Your Own Bookmarkpdf

National Geographic Education

·        Freshwater Film Listpdf

·        Freshwater Trivia Activitypdf

·        National Geographic Bookspdf


·        Fix a Leak Week Family Fact Sheetpdf

·        Fix a Leak Week Student Worksheetpdf

·        Fix a Leak Week Teacher's Guidepdf

·        Simple Steps to Save Waterpdf

Public Service Commission

·        Conserve Your Worldpdf

·        Save Money on your Water Bill Drop by Droppdf

·        Water Management in Floridapdf

·        Your Water and Wastewater Servicepdf

Water Management District Resources
The following materials are available from the Water Management Districts. Visit their website for more resources.

Northwest Florida Water Management District
Click here for Publications & Data from NWFWMD

·        Emerging Waters- Springs of Northwest Floridapdf

·        An Indoor Water Auditpdf

·        3 R's of WATERpdf

·        Xeriscapepdf

Suwannee River Water Management District
Click here for District Publications from SRWMD

·        Sinkholepdf

·        Springs of the Suwanneepdf

·        Conserve Water Protect Springspdf

·        Know the 5 Flood Zonespdf

St. Johns River Water Management District
Click here for Teacher Resources from SJRWMD
Click here for Publications from SJRWMD

·        Home Water Use...A Family Surveypdf

·        Overview of the St. Johns River Water Management Districtpdf

·        Waterwise Florida Landscapespdf

·        Algaepdf

·        Florida's Aquiferspdf

·        An Owner's Guide- The St. Johns It's Your Riverpdf

·        Water Conservation Guidepdf

·        Wetlandspdf

Southwest Florida Water Management District
Click here for Educational Resources from SWFWMD
Click here for Documents & Publications from SWFWMD

·        Extreme Weather and Mapping Currents Teacherspdf

·        Extreme Weather and Mapping Currentspdf

·        Saving Water Outdoorspdf

·        A Guide to Understanding and Protecting the Southern Coastal Watershedpdf

·        Living in Florida's Watershedspdf

·        West-Central Florida's Aquiferspdf

South Florida Water Management District
Click here for Educational Materials from SFWMD

·        Indian River Lagoon Coloring Bookpdf

·        Florida WATERSpdf

·        Managing Every Droppdf

·        The Water Cyclepdf

·        Satellite Posterpdf

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