Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.



Grade Level: 3

Time: 2-3 class periods


Place, Regions


This lesson is used to give the students a hands-on activity on the physical features of the islands of Japan and the surrounding waters.




  1. Explain the procedures of making a soap map. Show examples of the project after the end of day 1, day 2 and then the finished project.
  2. Review the topographical map and the island location.
  3. Hand out the cardboard for the students to trace the islands in their proper location using an atlas.
  4. Then students are working in groups of 4 with the teacher. Each child is given soap mixture to place with his hands on the islands of Japan.



Language Arts


  1. After reading the book The Funny Little Woman to your class discuss the time phases used by the author. Ask the children how the illustrator shows passages of time.
  2. The funny little woman is dressed in native Japanese attire. Discuss the lady's clothing, for example, kimono, obi, geta.
  3. Illustrate an above and below the ground scene of the little woman's home.
  4. Write Haiku poems, then have your students make haiku booklets for their poems. You will need: two pieces of cardboard (3x4), 20 inches of adding tape, enough gift wrap or wallpaper to cover both sides of cardboard, and a piece of ribbon (20 inches).
  5. Cover the two pieces of cardboard with gift wrap paper and glue the ribbon to the back of the piece that will become the back cover of the booklet. Fold the adding machine tape into 6 equal parts. Glue the ends to the pieces of covered cardboard.
  6. When dry, fold the booklet together and tie with the ribbon. Write your own haiku poem inside.

Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.