Traavelogue Project
Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.



Grade Level: 7

Time: 3-4 weeks


For this project the student will assume the role of a travel agent and will design an extensive tour for their geography class. This tour will be designed for the cultural area you are currently studying.




  1. The students will select a country from the cultural area.
  2. The student will contact various embassies of the particular countries within the culture area being studied and request information.
  3. The student will write to tourist boards located within the country they have chosen.

    The first three items should be completed at the beginning of school as least 4 months before the project is actually assigned. The following procedures should be completed when the project is assigned.

  4. The teacher should invite a travel agent as a resource person to explain his/her occupation to the class before the students begin the project.
  5. The teacher will show some examples of travelogues and hand out the 2 resource sheets and the flight chart.
  6. The students will go to the library and begin researching their country.
  7. While at the library the students will take turns using the library phone to call the 800 numbers for the airlines (they can explain about the project - most of the time they will help with school projects. If you get someone who won't, tell them thank you, hang up, and try again).
  8. The students should choose a date to begin their trip and fly into the capital.
  9. Students should use the travelogue preliminary information sheet as a checklist to keep track of what they have completed.
  10. The preliminary information sheet will be taken up approximately 1 1/2 weeks after the project has begun.
  11. Students should use resources sheet to begin the actual days in country.
  12. Students should be sure that they have covered the material in detail.
  13. Any item visited must have an explanation as to why it was chosen (historical or cultural importance). Do not just mention the name and nothing else. Be sure to tell how you get from one place to another and how long it takes (road maps of the area will help).


There will be two grades for this unit: one for the preliminary and one for the actual days in country.


                                       Possible Pts.       Pts. Earned
  1. Folder                                 5
     a. Name of country on outside          5
     b. Your name on outside                5

  2. Flight Information                     5
     a. Flight chart                        5
     b. Flight to (paragraph form)          5
     c. Flight back (paragraph form)        5

  3. Passport application                   5
     a. Directions on how to apply          5
  4. VISA (information)                     5
  5. Health requirements                    5

  6. Languages                              5

  7. Electricity                            5

  8. Currency Exchange Rate                 5

  9. Customs                                5

  10. Map of World                          5
      a. Route to drawn on                  3
      b. Route back drawn on                2

  11. Map of country                        5
  12. Clothing                              5

  13. Illustrated throughout                5

  14. Typed or written in ink               5
                 Total possible points     100


As travel agent, you will plan the tour to show the customs (urban and rural), arts, history, architecture, transportation, entertainment, recreation, topographical features, flora and fauna of the countries visited.
  1. Your itinerary should be kept in a loose leaf binder (behind preliminary).
  2. The information should be neatly typed or written in ink.
  3. The tour must be 10 days in length. Each day will be precisely planned.
  4. The tour will begin and end at your hometown airport. Specify date (month, day).
  5. You must include a detailed map or maps of your trip plotting each site visited.
  6. Your travelogue should be illustrated throughout of the different places you visit (Illustrations do not have to be of specific place visited).
  7. The following items must be included:
    1. State the purpose of each site visited, i.e., museum, state farmers' market. (Research each and why it is important - not just the name).
    2. Use unique, varied modes of transportation making sure you have included the major mode of the area. (Be sure and tell how you are going from one place to another).
    3. Include activities which would provide experience with the native countrymen.
    4. Include recreational and entertainment types of activities. (Only one day you may divide and have 2 1/2 days free.)
    5. Include possible menu for each Sunday dinner while on tour. The foods should be native to the country visited. You must have a menu.
    6. Funds are unlimited.
    7. Describe the living accommodations of each place visited, i.e., hostel, hotel, tent, etc., and tell where (street name) each is located.


Flight charts to and from your country should include the following:
  • City
  • Date
  • Flight Number
  • Arrival Time
  • Departure Time
  • Airline Name
  • Layovers

Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.