Physically Featured
Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.

Physically Featured

Frances A. Arango-Montero

Grade: 6


Physical Map Features
  • latitude and longitude
  • map symbols
  • map key/legend


The teacher should help students work cooperatively to create physical features on a fictitious island country while reviewing the geographical theme of location.


The students will be able to . . .
  • draw the approximate physical features of a fictitious country on a map.
  • create their own map symbols to be included in a map key.
  • plot the latitude and longitude coordinates of the physical features.

Background Vocabulary



  1. identification of topic "physical map skills" (latitude/longitude, map symbols, map key)
  2. distribute guided practice materials (guided practice worksheets, pencils)
  3. teacher directed practice using visual aides
  4. distribute assignment materials (assignment worksheet, clue cards, colored pencils)
  5. prompt students to add physical features to a fictitious country using unique symbols and names
  6. cooperative (pairs) practice
  7. discussion
  8. closure




Research and discuss ways a real cartographer might draw an accurate map of a country.

National Geography Standards

1: How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools and technologies to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective.

4: The physical and human characteristics of places.

7: The physical processes that shape the patterns of the Earth's surface.

This lesson is adapted from: "FINDING YOUR BEARINGS" 1990 Aims Education Foundation.

Part of the Florida Geographic Alliance's collection of lesson plans.