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Native American Populations

Lori Fine Grade 2

Have students conduct a thorough investigation into Native American culture.

Outback Down Under

Pat Fostvedt, Brenda Ward Grade 6

Students investigate key geographical questions about Australia.

Railroads, Cities, and Industry

Michael Miller,
Carol Richardson
Grades 4-5

Students will investigate how railroads changed life in Florida.

Lewis and Clark's Expedition to the Northwest

Marci Jacobs, Molly Godley,
Evelyn Box and Karen Grimes

Students will learn about the Northwest expedition of Lewis and Clark.

What Do We Know About Communication, and How Do We Know It?

Mary Lawson K-12

Students will learn about the early form of written communication in Egypt.

North America: U.S. Neighbors

Sally James Grade 1

Students will learn about and explore the United States' continental neighbors.


Barbara Carmody, Ruth Black K-12

What can we learn from maps and literature about settlement patterns in Canada?

Old Man River: Getting to Know the Father of Waters

Marsha Yoder, Linda O'Brien Grade 7

Students will study the geography of the Mississippi River.

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