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Introduction to Maps

Barbara Stevens Summer 1995 Lesson Plans Grade 1-2

This lesson is designed to introduce students to the concept of maps and the use of map keys.

World Mental Maps

Barbara E. Thomas Summer 1995 Lesson Plans Grades 4-7

The students will use a mental map to compare their knowledge of the world with an atlas.

Creating an Atlas of South America

Jonathan Miele Summer 1995 Lesson Plans Grade 6-8

This lesson is on creating an atlas of South America. It could be expanded or altered in many ways to fit your needs. Map making is covered to a large degree.

Outback Down Under

Fostvedt, Ward FETL Institute Grade 6

Students investigate key geographical questions about Australia.

Forces that Shape and Change the Earth's Surfaces

Robin J. Hepworth Summer 1995 Lesson Plans Grades 3-5

These five lessons give students a better understanding of forces that have changed the earth's surface.

Journey Along the Nile

Natalie B. Libow Summer 1995 Lesson Plans Grade 6

Students will prepare a travel agenda for visiting ancient Egypt.

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