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Summer 1995 Lesson Plans

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Hurricane Andrew

Pamela Keramati Grade 4

This activity is designed to show how hurricanes not only affect humans, but also show the impact that hurricanes can have on the ecosystems as well.

Antarctica or Bust

Lisah Maupin Grades 3-5

Students take on the role of scientists being briefed on a future trip to Antarctica. The briefing will inform them of the land, climate, inhabitants, and rules of visiting this continent.

Creating an Atlas of
South America

Jonathan Miele Grades 6-8

This lesson is on creating an atlas of South America. It could be expanded or altered in many ways to fit your needs. Map making is covered to a large degree.

Central American Profile

James Moulton Grades 6-8

Students will construct a "profile" of a Central American country. They will be given directions to assemble an informative summary which is suitable for display and comparison with others in a series.

Compass Rose

Barbara E. Thomas Grades 4-7

Students will learn to use a compass rose on a map, in the classroom, and in everyday life. They will locate their cardinal directions and intermediate directions on maps.

Dinosaur Travel

Barbara E. Thomas 5-8

The students will study fossil evidence of dinosaurs as possible fuel locations. This will lead us to hypothesize how the dinosaurs traveled from continent to continent.

All Around the Globe: Using Cardinal Directions

Robin J. Hepworth Grade 4

Students will practice using their compass roses and reinforce their understanding of cardinal directions by playing several games.

Coastal Ecosystems of Florida and Litter

Cindy Crutchfield Grade 8

Students will become acquainted with coastal ecosystems systems, similarities and differences, characteristics, and their responsibilities in maintaining these systems that we live and play in.

Forces that Shape and Change the Earth's Surfaces

Robin J. Hepworth Grades 3-5

These five lessons are designed to give students a better understanding of forces that have changed the earth's surface.

Geography of Florida

Pamela Keramati Grade 4

Introduce students to the five themes of geography as they relate to Florida.

Goop to Geoforms

Paul Ryder Grades 3-5

Using a geographic dictionary, students will define terms associated with differing landscapes. After, students will create a 3-D landscape feature by using "goop" and paint.

Africa-European Imperialism

Joyce H. Millman Grade 7

Students will study how the colonization of Africa was carried out by Europeans over a relatively short span of time.

Living in Harmony

Barbara Stephens Grades K-1

Because of technology, our students are growing up in a global society. This lesson exposes young students to other cultures.

Journey Along the Nile

Natalie B. Libow Grade 6

Students will prepare a travel agenda for visiting ancient Egypt.

On Vacation

Ann Hill Grade 5

Students will write a commercial for the Tourist Department of a Florida city, using latitude and longitude, the history of the city, attractions in the city, and the climate.

Introduction to Maps

Barbara Stevens Grades 1-2

This lesson is designed to introduce students to the concept of maps and the use of map keys.

World Mental Maps

Barbara E. Thomas Grades 4-7

The students will use a mental map to compare their knowledge of the world with an atlas.

World Population

Unattributed Grades 5-8

In this lesson students will learn about and explore the effects of population growth.

People on the Move

Janet Jones Grades 6-8

Students will experience geography through the eyes of immigrants coming to America from various points of origin.

Learning About People

Marsha Yoder Grades 6-8

Students will examine other cultures.

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